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Update 1 for RonsorOS 3.1 (update32) is broken. DO NOT INSTALL. More info

RonsorOS is a full x86 FreeDOS based free operating system. It includes the Millenium GUI (not Microsoft related) and downloads are available as a Live Floppy Image (1.44mb, .img/.ima format)

RonsorOS News

  2014 Sep 2:
    Critical bug in RonsorOS 3.1 Update 1 "update32(.bat)"
    it breaks
    -> your start menu
    -> installs useless programs (now useless due to startmenu fail)
    -> see Ronsor's OSFix Center (ROSFix QuickLink)
    for a copy of StartDat fix. Download the file and run "copy 1486593.txt ufix32.bat" 
    and then run "ufix32.bat" - without quotes that is



Latest Download RonsorOS 3.1 Beta
See before you Try Download RonsorOS.Screenshot
Update 3.1.2 Download RonsorOS 3.1 Update 1
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No legal stuff. Just to the point. You may NOT: (Section 1) A. Sell B. Redistribute heavily modified versions (10+ files replaced, edited, or changed - Excluding DESKTOP, GUEST, DESKS.DAT files) You may (You can do): (Section 2) A. Modify the program B. Redistribute FOR FREE a lightly modified version (few files edited, replaced, or changed - See Section 1B for more info)